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Appalachian Trail & Gettysburg Heritage Trail

Saturday, July 30 through Sunday, August 7, 2016 >Open to Troop 113 Scouts who are 14 years and older< March 23rd Update: Links to Appalachian Trail Shelters (below) SAT     30-Jul-16 Travel  to ATC HQ  Hike     1.50   John Brown's Fort Hike     3.00   Harpers Ferry Hostel SUN    31-Jul-16 Hike     12.50 Rocky Run Shelter (topo map) MON    1-Aug-16 Hike     11.00 Pogo Campsite TUE     2-Aug-16 Hike     9.50   Raven Rock Shelter WED    3-Aug-16 Hike     10.00 Deer Lick Shelter (topo map) THU     4-Aug-16 Hike     2.50   Old Forge Picnic Grounds THU     4-Aug-16 Travel to Gettysburg NMP (map)                     Program       Mc Millan Woods FRI     5-Aug-16      Gettysburg Program         SAT    6-Aug-16      Gettysburg Program SUN   7-Aug-16      Gettysburg Program, then HOME

Philmont Scout Reservation

6/1/2015 - Final Philmont Travel payment of $325 is due. 5/11/2015 Meeting agenda is here. 5/1/2015 - Initial Philmont Travel payment of $325 is due. 4/20/2015 Meeting agenda is here. 4/17/2015 - Philmont Shakedown #6. Schiff Scout Reservation map and Brookhaven State Park map. 3/22/2015 - An updated Philmont Plan is here. Note: scroll down (past the grey part) for current items. 3/18/2015 - Another Philmont campsite map is here. Very helpful to guage where things are in Philmont! 3/16/2015 Meeting agenda is here. 3/16/2015 - Download Garmin BaseCamp and Philmont basemap to help plan picking itineraries (ask Mr. Mello). 3/7/2015 - It’s on the Resources page, but here is the Philmont Packing List. 3/7/2015 - It’s out! Please use the Philmont Treks 2015 Itineraries Guidebook to pick the 5 treks you’d like to do. 3/7/2015 - Please refer to the 2014 Philmont Guidebook to Adventure for excellent Philmont-related information. 3/1/2015 - Please review the 2014 Philmont Itineraries to narrow your choices to the 5 you prefer (70 pages). 2/23/2015 Please review the Updated Philmont Plan. Note: scroll down (past the grey part) for current items. 2/23/2015 - Philmont Trek Planning information. Updates for 2015 in mid-March. 2/23/2015 - Please watch: Philmont Backcountry Cooking Method video on YouTube 2/23/2015 Meeting agenda is here. 1/26/2015 Meeting agenda is here. 12/27/2014 - Wilderness First Aid Class @ Hauppauge High School starting at 7:30am 10/27/2014 Meeting Agenda is here. 9/20-21/2014 Update: Shakedown #4 - Harriman Backpacking Trip 9/15/2014 Update: Please read the updated and revised Philmont Plan. 9/15/2014 Update: Please read the information on the Fitness Program page. 6/2/2014 Update: Please read the June 16th Agenda before the meeting on that date. 4/28/2014 Update: When you have time, look through the 2014 Philmont Itinerary and the Guidebook to Adventure. 4/8/2014 Update: Please read and understand the Philmont Plan and the List of Responsibilities. 4/1/2014 Update: Please read Philmont’s Dining in the Backcountry by clicking here. 3/31/2014 Update: Shakedown Hike #1 Itinerary can be downloaded by clicking here. 3/17/2014 Update: Philmont Packing list can be downloaded by clicking here. Philmont crew meeting No. 1 agenda is here. WE HAVE BEEN SELECTED TO GO TO PHILMONT. WE WILL EMBARK ON A 12-DAY TREK JULY 28, 2015!!  “Philmont Scout Ranch, the Boy Scouts of America's premier High Adventure™ base, challenges Scouts and Venturers with more than 214 square miles of rugged northern New Mexico wilderness. Backpacking treks, horseback cavalcades, and training and service programs offer young people many ways to experience this legendary country.”   The cost is $855 per person PLUS travel expenses (i.e. airfare, incidentals). So we will hold fundraisers during the coming year. (BTW, raking leaves and snow shoveling around your neighborhood is a great way to earn money AND build up your muscles for the trip.) The payment schedule is: $100 p/p by February 28, 2014, $377.50 p/p by October 1, 2014, and $377.50 p/p by March 1, 2015. So, we need to make commitments and decisions. The $100 payment due on February 28, 2014 is a non-refundable deposit. These payments are ONLY the Philmont cost, not the travel. I have begun detailed planning for this trip. Our actual departure date is July 27, 2015 and participants should budget $1500 for the total cost. Below is some of the trip information I copied from Philmont paperwork to help you with your decision. We can take up to 36 participants (3 crews).   Philmont participants must be 14 years of age OR completed the eighth (8th) grade and be at least 13 years of age by the expedition start date. To avoid disappointment, please do not request or expect exceptions! Philmont can make no exceptions to the minimum age requirement for attendance. A minimum of two adult leaders is required for each crew. The maximum number of adults per crew is four.   The following information is also to help you with your decision, but certainly not to scare you (personally, I have wanted to go to Philmont my whole life and I’m glad I’m going back). “A Philmont trek is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. Each participant must be able to carry a 35 to 50 lb. pack (but no more than 25-30% of their body weight) while hiking 5 to 12 miles per day in an isolated mountain wilderness, ranging from 6,500 to 12,500 feet in elevation. Climatic conditions include temperatures from 30 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, low humidity (10-30%) and frequent, sometimes severe, afternoon thunderstorms. Activities include horseback riding, rock climbing and rappelling, challenge events, pole climbing, black powder shooting, 12 gauge trap shooting, .30-06 shooting, trail building, mountain biking and other activities that may have potential for injury. Philmont strives to minimize risks to participants and advisors by emphasizing proper safety precautions. Refer to the Guidebook to Adventure for specific information. Philmont staff instructs participants in safety measures to be followed. Each participant and crew is expected to follow these safety measures and to accept responsibility for the health and safety of each of its members.”   Philmont requires that all participants meet the height/weight limits. Please visit the Philmont Scout Ranch website. I am very excited about our 2015 Philmont trip. You will be too.

Allagash Wilderness Canoe Trip (Archive)

2014 Allagash Wilderness Waterway Trip June Updates: Please read the Allagash Travel Information and Allagash Equipment (XLS) documents. Overview: Canoe the Allagash River in northern Maine and climb Mt. Katahdin. Trip Dates: August 1-9, 2014 All Scouts, 13 and over, and parents are welcome. We will canoe and camp 4 nights on the Allagash River and travel to Baxter State Park to climb the northern end of the Appalachian Trail, Mt. Katahdin. This is an excellent opportunity for all Scouts to experience a multi-day float trip. Scouts and adults must pass the BSA swimmer test. Parents ARE welcome! Troop113 has done this trip two times previous, and everyone still talks about the wonderful experience.


Fri 1-August: Travel to Camp Nutter and shopping for food at the Hannaford supermarket Sat 2-August: Travel Pelletier's Campground Sun 3-August: Canoe along Allagash River Mon 4-August: Canoe along Allagash River Tue 5-August: Canoe along Allagash River Wed 6-August: Canoe to Pelletier's Campground and eat at the Swamp Buck Restaurant & Lounge Thu 7-August: Travel Baxter State Park Fri 8-August: Hike AT Baxter State Park (Trailbase Map) Sat 9-August: Travel Home
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